Who we are

Bridge Road Imaging, formerly known as Richmond Diagnostic Imaging, is part of Australia’s largest specialist medical imaging group, Healthcare Imaging Services which performs over 2.2 million scans each year.

Our experience, facilities and equipment are the most advanced, but it’s the people behind the scans that make all the difference.

Our team of radiologists, Dr Carl Blecher, Associate Professor Richard O’Sullivan, Dr Zita Ballok and Dr Rohan White, the principal radiologists at Bridge Road Imaging. They are joined by one of Australia’s best imaging teams – and some of the most advanced scanning technology in the business.

Located at 84 Bridge Road, Richmond, our new site has been extensively redeveloped while still retaining its original façade. Inside you’ll find world class imaging equipment.

We invite you to look at the premium scanning services offered at Bridge Road Imaging. 

Our state-of-the-art imaging equipment includes the following:

  • Two 3T MRI scanners with a 70cm bore (width of tunnel). This is the largest bore size available. 3T is the highest field strength MRI in clinical practice in the world. 3T refers to the strength or power of the magnet inside the machine. The higher the field strength, the more signal is produced.
  • Specialty MRI sequences including MR Spectroscopy and MR Perfusion. These are extremely useful in the diagnosis and response to treatment of brain tumours.
  • The world’s best CT scanner– the Siemens FORCE. The "Force" can perform CT coronary angiography scan with 0.2 mSv which is the same as a chest X-ray. It has an ultra-low radiation dose and when contrast medium is required the dosage has fallen by up to 70% compared with earlier CT scanners.

In summary, Bridge Road offers patients the latest specialised imaging services.

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