Dr Rohan White

Dr Rohan White


About Dr Rohan White

After 25 years as a radiologist, there’s little Dr Rohan White hasn’t seen. His career has taken him from small country practices to large hospital departments. Today, as one of the key radiologists at Bridge Road Imaging Dr White shares his experience with specialists and GPs around the state.

“Working in larger hospitals for much of my career has meant the scope of work is very broad, from the most simple procedure to the most complex and challenging work.”

“You never know what’s going to come through the door. It’s this variety that prepares you so well for a practice like Bridge Road Imaging where every patient is different and every day brings a new challenge.”

While Dr White has an interest in sports medicine expertise, his career has spanned roles in hospital emergency departments, breast screening, general and interventional radiology. He also spent many years in rural health, setting up and later privatising a number of successful regional radiology practices.

“Medical Imaging is one of the most exciting areas of modern medicine. New technology is revolutionising patient care and diagnosis with patients being more educated about imaging. Bridge Road Imaging is setting a new benchmark for radiology in Melbourne. It’s accessible and affordable to all - a true flagship comprehensive practice with state-of-the-art equipment. We offer our referrers outstanding facilities for professional development, meetings, consulting suites and patient services.