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  • Specialist radiology practice providingwhole body imaging

    Low dose CT/ Medicare Eligible 3T MRI/Medicare Eligible PET CT


    This practice is the first to have the first Siemens Force in Victoria

    Coronary angiography available


    Two medicare eligible 3T Siemens Skyra MRI, nuclear medicine & PET/CT imaging, brain, spine, musculoskeletal imaging, interventional radiology, breast imaging and EOS


    For majority of medicare eligible scans including medicare eligible PET CT

Our Team

Our Team

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This scan is performed at our suite located on level 3 – 3.2 /32 Erin Street Richmond.

It is bulk billed

An OPG machine is specifically designed to produce X-rays of the teeth, jaws and tempero-mandibular joints. The image provides an overview of the state of the dentition as well as information regarding the bones of the jaw (the mandible and maxilla), the sinuses in the upper jaw and the joints between the jaw and the skull (the tempero-mandibular joints). The OPG machines can also perform a standard lateral view of the skull.

What to Tell Us?

If you are pregnant or suspect you may be pregnant.

How to Prepare?

You should arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time to complete all necessary paperwork.

No other preparation is required for an OPG.

Bring any previous x-ray films with you to the appointment in case they are needed for comparison.

What does the procedure involve?

The patient’s chin is placed on a chin rest. The jaws are held in place by biting down on a small disposable plastic guide. Most OPGs are performed with the patient standing. During the exposure, the X-ray tube and film cassette rotate around the jaws. An exposure lasts a few seconds during which time the patient must remain still. The film cassette is then removed to allow development of the exposed X-ray film. If a lateral cephalogram is required, the head is placed in a special support on the end of the lateral cephalogram attachment for accurate positioning and an X-ray obtained.

How long will it take?

OPG procedures can take up to 15 minutes